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Will You See Sublime with Rome Without Bradley Nowell?

It can't be easy being the other members of Sublime in 2013. On a cynical -- but very real -- level, you reached your peak fame and earning power in 1996, at the moment your band's lead singer died and ensured you wouldn't reach it again. On an idealistic -- but very real -- level, you reached the peak of your artistic expression in 1996, at the moment your band's lead singer died etc., etc.

Then 14 years later, it's 2010 and every other '90s band -- some of them much less successful than Sublime -- is touring on old hits and making what has to be pretty good state fair money doing it, cynically, and reconnecting with fans who want to see the artists who spoke to them one more time, idealistically.

And even bands without their old lead singers, for various reasons, have found replacements, typically spot-on guys from YouTube cover bands. For whatever reasons, then, the two founding members of Sublime formed "Sublime with Rome," where Rome is a new lead singer and the compound name followed some legal action. Is that still Sublime? Will you go see them anyway?

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Dan Moore