Will.i.am and Fergie Have Special Moments with Black Eyed Peas at Jobing.com Arena

Some may call them a novelty act, but the Black Eyed Peas have proved their staying power in the hip-pop industry, creating radio hit after radio hit and being nominated for a 2010 Grammy for Album of the Year. So, it's no surprise the band packed Jobing.com Arena last night with hook-loving fans.

According to BEP lovers who took to Twitter after the show, will.i.am got on a super-high platform to deejay, and Fergie took a break from the group and sang some of her solo stuff, including "Glamorous." Sounds like maybe those two group stand-outs should do more collabos in the future...just sayin'. Here's what else was Tweeted about the show.

@scotmichaelgaga Had a great time last night at the black eyed peas concert! Happy cuz i had a great time with my sis as well!

@dianajessll22 just Got back from Black Eyed Peas Concert,,,,it Was Wicked SICK!!!! Daaamn Good Show it was XD

@SweetE44 Home from the Black Eyed Peas Concert!!Was sooo great!Had an AWESOME time!!

@itssamanthah the black eyed peas concert was amazing! now i'm on my way home and i won't be asleep till 2.. i think i should skip school tomorrow(:

@_jedition_ Woo black eyed peas concert was a blast!lil late but Can't believe we got last min tickets. ") fake I.d worked woo


@beaudinboy2 The black eyed peas concert was awesome

@AJHBanana The Black Eyed Peas concert was ridiculous! Will.I.Am was A-Mazing!!!!!! I had so much fun!

@Meredith3TV Leaving the Black Eyed Peas concert. Great show. Forgot they had so many hits.

@mrsflymodel Black eyed peas are amazingly ill!!!! Awesome concert tonight! So much fun

@PHNXScene If you're in phoenix & NOT at the Black Eyed Peas concert...you're missing out on life!!!

@KaleighAKennedy Went to the Black Eyed Peas concert last night. Loud and fun!

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