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Winner's Circle: The 2008 Summer of Sound Awards show recap

By Niki D'Andrea

The Phoenix New Times Summer of Sound series was a success again this year, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our marketing department and some of the finest local bands in town. It's been a long, hot summer, but we finally got through all seven shows in seven genres over the course of 15 weeks. Just like last year, we had audience members at each show vote for their favorite band. But unlike last year, we didn't announce the results at the end of each night, choosing instead to announce all winners at the awards show last night at Big Fish Pub in Tempe.

The categories, nominees, and winners are listed below, along with some photographs from the awards show. Thanks again to everyone who helped make the Summer of Sound series a success!

Rock The Source Victoria (winner) Rocketline Cardiac Party My Feral Kin

Punk Dephinger (winner) Asses of Evil Glass Heroes Harlequin Babies

Hip-Hop Antedote (winner) Justus The Premier Cousins of the Wize

Metal Fracture Point (winner) The AMPutatiONs The Human Condition Malakai

Jazz Jiggle (winner) Music for Bowlers Eric Rasmussen Jazz Robot

Experimental Black Carl (winner) JJCNV Andrew Jackson Jihad Yourchestra

Pop What Laura Says Thinks and Feels (winner) Jody Gnant Poem The Via Maris

Here are some photos from the awards show:

Black Carl performs before the awards ceremony.

Jessica Hill and Summer Sepulveda (New Times marketing gurus) get ready to announce the winners.

The Source Victoria, winners in the Rock category, pose with their award.

Fracture Point, winners in the Metal category.

What Laura Says Thinks and Feels, winners in the Pop category.

Black Carl collects their award for best Experimental act.

Antedote, winners in the Hip-Hop category.

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