A screenshot from WLFPCK's recent music video, "Get To You."
A screenshot from WLFPCK's recent music video, "Get To You."

WLFPCK Prepares to Release Second Album

“We’re just trying to do something that’s cool and out there,” said Slade Echeverria of WLFPCK, a band with a mix of pop and ambient rock that has caught the ears of of fans around the Valley.

WLFPCK comprises Justin Reece, Slade Echeverria, Matt Keller, Caleb Williams, and Eric Guzman, previously of Anarbor, Reece, and Lydia. But the group's roots go back even further. While attending Tempe's Corona del Sol High School, they were referred to as “the wolfpack” by classmates.

“I was kind of skeptical at first,” says Echeverria of the band’s name, “but it actually means something to us."

Though the wolves never foresaw recording together, Echeverria, Keller, and Reece found themselves in the studio when their respective bands were mostly dormant. The pack was back together, and there was a possibility of a future.

“It actually works really, really well together,” Echeverria said of past influences of different pop and rock styles he and Keller bring to the table during the writing process.

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Since its formation, the group has brought in fans from past fan bases and has also gained a following from its strong social media presence.

“I think we’ve got a good group of fans backing us so far," Echeverria said.

Tracks like “Get to You” and “First Time” are full of passion and have swelling builds, balancing the easiness of pop with the mellowness of ambient rock. And for their first tracks, they are impressively smooth and mature, almost as if the band skipped the DIY garage practice stage and jumped straight into polished recordings.

On top of their sound, WLFPCK has a simple but memorable aesthetic based in black and white: the cover of their first release, Volume 1, a compilation of seven songs released over seven days; the photos on their official site; their merchandise, which is appearing on fans around the Valley; and their music videos, directed by Cory Davis.

So it’s a combination of social media, sound, and simple aesthetic on which this band has built its foundation, and the size of the crowds the wolves attract to their shows have only grown since their first ever set at the Rhythm Room.

Thus far, WLFPCK has released Volume 1, and Echeverria said that Volume 2 is “basically finished.” Past set lists have included tracks from the upcoming release, and they’ve been received positively by the wolf pack of fans.

The band’s plans for next year include releasing Volume 2 and “getting a solid tour underneath [their] belts,” said Echeverria, but for now, they “just kind of seeing what happens.”

WLFPCK is scheduled to perform Saturday, June 13, at The Rebel Lounge is scheduled to release Volume 2 on Friday, July 24, at Crescent Ballroom.

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