Wolvves: "There's Definitely a Reason Why Everyone Is High and Bored All the Time"

The band's been around for only something like eight months, but already it's been banned from Last Exit, kicked out of Pub Rock, and even 86'ed from a Laundromat. The bassist recently quit and now the group's canceled all its upcoming gigs to focus on a new album, new videos, and redefining itself. That's Wolvves, and they don't give a fuck.

Because of the extra "v" in the name and a few surf-punk textures, the Phoenix three-piece often gets compared to Wavves, but Wolvves argue its DIY punk/hip-hop mix is more Kanye West meets Weezer's "Blue Album." Their debut EP, Live Forever, waxes poetic about smoking weed, Fifth Street, worshiping pizza, boredom, and not taking anyone's shit.

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