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Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice

Imagine the Children of the Corn doing acid with the Manson family while jamming out in a mossy pasture. Still here? Then you might be ready for Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice. Although they disavow their avant-garde status, their music is most definitely unclassifiable. Formed after the breakup of the Golden Calves, WWVV is an amorphous band of psychedelic neo-folkies making music that combines improvisation, lo-fi aesthetics and a certain earthy spirituality. WWVV's discography is an intense and beautiful collection of various hard-to-find tapes, CD-Rs and vinyl releases, and soon their breakthrough record XIAO, originally limited to 300 copies, will be rereleased for wider availability on Troubleman Unlimited. This is the kind of music that will blow you away with its audacity, earnestness and originality. Unicorns, black skull candles and haunted meadows notwithstanding, may we all quietly be converted.
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Adam Radcliffe