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Would You Give Up Sex Before Music?

The two things that get us talking here on Up on the Sun are music and sex, and if you can combine the two then it is something that is going to get written about on this blog.

Well, NME is reporting a new survey in the U.K. of young people suggests 'Young people would rather give up sex than music.'

"A new music survey conducted by U.K. indie label Marrakesh Records has suggested that young music fans in the U.K. may prefer listening to music to having sex.

Around 1,000 people aged 15-24 filled in the survey, with 60 percent of those who took part saying that they would prefer to go without sex for a week than without listening to music.
" -- NME
Now part of it may just be that most young people go more than a week without sex anyway, where a week without music would be a challenge. But it still says something about the importance of music in peoples' lives.

It also says something to the notion that "the music industry is in trouble." I still maintain that "music" is better now than ever before, it's only "the industry" that's hurting.  And when an industry selling a product that is literally cooler than sex is having problems, the problem is not the product.

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Stephen Chilton