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Wyclef Jean Answers Tough Questions About His Non-Profit

The world has watched closely as the effects of the earthquake in Haiti are beginning to reveal themselves, both to the island nation and to the rest of the world. Prominent figures in the entertainment industry have made sure that the media know that they care, and that in their own, often half-hearted way, are making an effort. George Clooney and friends are doing some actual fund raising work, while the attendees at the Golden Globes felt they could contribute by wearing tiny ribbons on their designer purses and lapels. These were paired with their outrageously lavish dresses and suits, which in probably all cases cost more than the average per capita income of a Haitian person. (According to USAID, it's only $400. Not a large number to beat.)

You may have heard about Wyclef's organization, Yele Haiti, which was set up twelve years ago by the musician for to benefit the people of his home country. Recently, made public documentation saying that the organization had only payed taxes since 2009. Additionally, there are lots of questions about where certain large sums of money went. Many people are accusing Jean of pocketing the money that was meant to be for aid. Yesterday Jean and president of Yele Haiti, Huge Locke answered questions about the allegations. Either way, there is still plenty of discussion both in an out of the music world on the subject.

STORY: Wyclef Jean Defends Yele Haiti at Emotional NYC Press Conference

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