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Wyclef Jean Makes Withdrawal from Haitian Presidential Race Official

Rapper Wyclef Jean has officially pulled out of the presidential race in Haiti, according to Spinner.

Wyclef was enthusiastic about potentially becoming the new president of Haiti when the majority of Haitian youth was eager to support his candidacy. Although Wyclef resides in the United States, not in Haiti, he cares a lot about his homeland enough to want to make such significant changes.

However, he was found to be ineligible for presidency because he did not meet residency requirements. While it's certainly admirable that he wanted to make a difference in Haiti and stand up for his people, wouldn't that sort of be like Shakira deciding she wanted to run for presidency in Colombia just because she can? Just saying.

He said he took a few weeks to make the decision to finally leave the Haitian presidential race. I don't know what took so long to consider after he was told he failed to meet residency requirements. Either you live in Haiti or you don't, Wyclef, what takes so long to think about that?

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