Put away your Docs, Mr. Aging Gen X Rock Fan — this almost certainly isn't the X that afforded you so many precious mosh-pit memories back in the day. That X featured the pitch-perfect wailing of John Doe and Exene Cervenka, the V-twin rockabilly guitar of Billy Zoom, and the punishing percussion of DJ Bonebrake. That X gave us "Los Angeles," "White Girl," "The Hungry Wolf," and countless underappreciated roots-punk classics. And this X? Well, this X is also an old punk rock band, but it's from Australia. And like our X, it was formed all the way back in 1977. Weird, huh? Sort of like discovering a Rolling Stones from India whose lead singer also slept with David Bowie. What makes Aussie X's current tour of the U.S. even weirder — or, at least, commercially dubious — is the fact that bassist and lead singer Ian Rilen passed away in 2006. So what's left? Well, guitarist Steve Lucas for sure, and a grungy, pissed-off sound that suggests a cross between Bleach-era Nirvana and Motörhead. Will that comfort the many traditional X enthusiasts who will undoubtedly go to the show without registering the "from Aussie" fine print? Probably not. Those aging Gen Xers are a cranky bunch.

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