X-Ray Press Lighting Up The Ruby Room August 11th

A lot of Valley residents are ditching the desert as of late, and are heading up north to places like Portland or Seattle. On Tuesday, August 11, a little piece of the Emerald City will be storming through Phoenix to show us why.
X-Ray Press is a high-energy, guitar-powered, progressive-rock-punk band built of for alumni from the Cornish College of the Arts. 

The self-described 

"Happy Hardcore"

group is embarking on their West Coast tour that happens to make a non-coastal jaunt over to the Ruby Room and Tucson before returning to the waters of the Pacific. 

X-Ray Press will be playing tracks from their debut EP brkn type as well as selections from their forthcoming first full-length album; the name of which is currently a big secret.

X-Ray Press will be performing along side local acts Skinwalkers and Teejay Sundance

Let's hope they don't end up taking more Arizona hipsters back to Seattle!


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