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Yeah Yeah Yeah's Create Big Buzz for New Album

For an album that doesn't come out out until April 14th, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's have been creating a healthy amount of buzz for their next offering It's Blitz. Last week saw the first two tracks off the album find their way onto the internet, much to the delight of their fans (and fans of smart, well-produced nü-new wave music). The songs in question, "Zero" and "Heads Will Roll" clearly show that the YYY's are headed in absolutely the right direction with this new take on their already established sound. The internet is now the band's best friend, creating a fervor over their new album and the sampling of tracks allowed to those willing listeners. It's incredible to think that It's Blitz is already the talk of many music blogs so far away from it's release date. Much unlike the fervor created over MSTRKRFT and their new album, the attitude surrounding It's Blitz is all positive and hopeful, rather than spiteful and angry.

The internet is doing the YYY's all sorts of favors, and it's very refreshing to see an early leak like this work in a band's favor. Blogs like Stereogum have already offered their take on the album, and it's pretty positive. Even Kanye West himself is keen to the leaked tracks, posting them on his goofy little blog/soapbox. When I hear "Heads Will Roll," I am thankful the band has decided to pursue this new-wave direction. It gives their already ambitious music a fun new edge. The song hooks you right from it's ominous, synth-tastic opening, easing you into Brian Chase's superb drumming that sounds like it came pre-packaged, fresh out of the box. The chorus is incredible, smoothly cascading into Karen O.'s cries of "Dance, dance till you're dead." It is drenched in a 70's disco sound -- the good one that Giorgio Moroder was mainly responsible for -- which is a novelty in today's alternative/indie rock sound.

It's quite comforting to know that a band like Yeah Yeah Yeah's don't rest on their laurels. They could ride on the coattails of 2006's Show Your Bones and it's solid tracks "Gold Lion" and "Phenomena," but they felt it necessary to commandeer their ship towards a whole different rock galaxy, one that is a little more accepting of the groovy, funkier side of life. We are putty in the hands of Karen O., Nick Zinner and Brian Chase, and their new album is still a way's away from ever being in our grubby little hands. Anything is possible with a solid, new sound, a stunning new look and an early leak of what's to come. 2009 is already going to be dominated by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and it's not even March yet. Their insane potential scares me -- in all the right ways.

Oh yeah, they've also managed to offer a serious contender for best album art of the year to Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion. Seriously, what an astoundingly simple, creative and cool album cover. Behold:

"Zero" can be heard here, as well as "Heads Will Roll" here. (My thanks to Stereogum for the tracks).

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Michael Lopez