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We've all been to that show at least once. You know, the show where the opening act far outperforms the headliner, making you wish the opener got the longer timeslot. It's a common occurrence, and it's hardly tragic, except for the headliner that just got its ass handed to it. Yeasayer is a perfect example of this phenomenon. A recent opening slot for media darlings MGMT saw Yeasayer blow away their tour mates, a less-than-inspiring live band. For two bands with such a similar idea of psychedelic rock, Yeasayer could not be more different from MGMT. A live show featuring the band's indie/psychedelic antics, complete with choral singers and offbeat visuals, is a sight to behold. The Brooklyn foursome garnered indie credibility with the release of 2007's All Hour Cymbals, showcasing its dense and often-bewildering sound. Songs like "2080" employ the band's trademark gospel vocal stylings layered over seemingly melodic drums. They finally have their headlining slot, and you can be sure the band's experimental audio/visual craziness will be in fine form.
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Michael Lopez