Yellow Canary Dance Hall to Close at Month's End

Stephen Steinbrink is a pretty busy guy, but it looks like there will be one less thing on his plate at the end of the month: his venue/art-space Yellow Canary Dance Hall will be shutting its doors.

We profiled the space as an example of how Kickstarter has helped fund projects like it here in Phoenix.

Since taking over the warehouse spot (formerly known as Sound Kontrol) in the early summer of 2011, the venue has hosted shows by Danish punks Iceage and Philly scuzz-rockers Lantern.

In a Facebook statement, Steinbrink said:

Yellow Canary will cease to exist after the end of the month. It was an interesting experiment that didn't work. I've got no shame in admitting that. I will be selling off the things purchased by the Kickstarter and donating the money to the All Ages Movement Project. When life gives you lemons, it really sucks, because they're super sour and inedible.

The All Ages Movement Project is a "member-driven network of community based organizations that connect young people through music and art."

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