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Yes, Tribune, We're Covering American Idol

It's nice to know our coverage of American Idol is getting some attention, even if The East Valley Tribune's food and fun columnist Jess Harter thinks it's a little, uh, Tiger Beat.

As Jess notes, we had four Idol posts last night. Jess writes:

Yes, a portion of Tuesday's casting call show involved clips from the auditions held here in the Valley, and visually impaired Scottsdale performer Scott MacIntyre (pictured) impressed. But FOUR stories? One shudders to think how many stories the New Times might write once the actual competition starts...

Heck, it's FOUR more stories than the Arizona Republic had on its own dedicated "Idol Central" site by late last night, a fact that New Times proudly points out.

Jess is a good friend, and has earned his reputation as one of the most respected journalists in this town, but he's definitely wrong if he thinks we're going to slack on bringing you Idol coverage. I mean, we also bring you untouched coverage of bands both local and abuzz nationally, so it's not like we're missing anything, but we at Up on the Sun know you don't just want to read about Animal Collective, sometimes you wanna know if that chick in a bikini is from Phoenix. So we will have better Idol coverage than The Tribune and The Republic and we'll also be the only local media outlet that will tell you when Miniature Tigers get a new guitarist or The Maine is going to be on the cover of a national magazine. That's how we roll.

And The Tribune? Well, The Tribune took down the article on the night's biggest story Scott MacIntyre, I wrote a mere eight months ago (hey, Jess, get the video the Trib shot re-posted!) so covering the number one show in America's local contestants may not a priority for them. What is? Well, I live in Mesa and can't even get the Mesa Tribune delivered, so your guess is as good as mine.

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Martin Cizmar
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