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You Heard It Here First: Wild Beasts

It's recently come to my attention that there are other blogs out there, Stereogum in particular, who are head over heels for English rockers Wild Beasts. I listened to some of their songs from their upcoming release Two Dancers (out 9/8 on Domino) and immediately fell in love with the band's whimsical, pulsating indie rock. At the center of my obsession is lead singer Hayden Thorpe's absolutely transcendent, rich and deep falseto. It's an intriguing mix that is sure to catapult the band onto the radars of many once Two Dancers is released.

My introduction to Wild Beasts was "Hooting & Howling," a kooky, fun little track that acted as a brilliant hello to Thorpe's rich, complex singing style. It starts off with Thorpe singing a line that has since lodged itself firmly in my head, "Carry me / Hooting and howling / To the river to wash off my hands / Of the hot blood, the sweat and the sand." The subtle piano kicks in, and the song is quickly joined by the drums and guitars -- adding this irresistible climbing quality to the track that keeps building throughout the length of the song. Once the rock guitars come into place during the chorus, the song is complete, and Two Dancers firmly cement its place as one of 2009's best, if not most intriguing, albums.

"Hooting & Howling" is currently streaming at the band's myspace.

The newest track made available from Two Dancers is "All The Kings Men," a haunting little track that shows just how incredible a singer Hayden Thorpe really is. Thorpe is shifting between that decadent falsetto into his deep baritone throughout the song, and the results are remarkable. The song is light and airy, giving an effortless quality that shows me just how much fun the band had recording the track. It's a unique experience that is best left to individual listeners to make whatever they may of the track. 

You can listen an MP3 of "All The Kings Men" compliments of the fine folks at Stereogum, who also gave me the motivation and made it okay for me to write about such a interesting, impossible-to-pin-down band like Wild Beasts.

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Michael Lopez