You Heard Us Back When Vol. 6 Tracklist Tops 30 Songs

While $3 isn't enough to buy you a gallon of gas these days, it is enough to buy you the sixth installment of Zia Record's local music compilation, You Heard Us Back When. The double-disc album is scheduled for release on next month's Record Store Day, April 21, and features 37 songs by local musicians from Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas.

Phoenix is well-represented on this year's edition of the running series with artists such as Snake!Snake!Snakes!, The Love Me Nots, Gospel Claws, Art For Starters, Snow Songs and Dead Wildlife to name but a few.

This year's proceeds will benefit the non-profit brain cancer awareness organization, Beer For Brains Foundation, so help contribute to a good cause and support local.

Follow the jump for the complete track list of You Heard Us Back When Volume 6.

CD ONE 1. Snake! Snake! Snakes! - The Outsider (Phoenix) 2. The Love Me Nots - The Girl Lights Up (Phoenix) 3. Gospel Claws - I Can, I Will (Phoenix) 4. Sweet Ghosts - Just Be Here With Me (Tucson) 5. Art For Starters - Diction (The Beverly Hills Song) (Phoenix) 6. Steff Koeppen & The Articles - Two Cities (Phoenix) 7. Under Sunday - The Way The Story Goes (Las Vegas) 8. Labor Party - Away With Me (Phoenix) 9. Monster Zero - Boogeyman (Las Vegas) 10. Joe Blow & The Smoking Tires - Song for M (Las Vegas) 11. TA-80 - Brandy & Board Games (Phoenix) 12. Snow Songs - Hide It From The Rest of the World (Phoenix) 13. No Gimmick - Suggestion (Phoenix) 14. Aleh - Woman And A Girl (Las Vegas) 15. Loyal Wife - Cut The Rope (Phoenix) 16. Langston Graves - Can't Let You Go (Las Vegas) ENCORE BONUS TRACK : The Love Me Nots - The End of the Line (Phoenix)

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CD TWO 1. Safe To Semi - Visibly Intoxicated (Phoenix) 2. Gooder - Wasted (Phoenix) 3. Aaron Tippetts Band - Startin' With You (Las Vegas) 4. Kris Brown - Don't Stop Cryin' (Phoenix) 5. The Swamp Coolers - The Ride (Phoenix) 6. Jonathan Sakas - Memory (Phoenix) 7. Eclipses for Eyes - Box of Secrets (Phoenix) 8. Avalon Landing - Erie County Welcomes You Back (Las Vegas) 9. Six Sided Halo - Six Sided Halo (Phoenix) 10. DFACTOR - Big Blue Bridge (Phoenix) 11. Godhunter - Wolves Of The North (Tucson) 12. Green Ready - King Of Hearts (Tucson) 13. The Limit Club - Shake (Phoenix) 14. Brookee Lin - Go Insane (Tucson) 15. Chosen Few Crew - The Scarlet Letter MC's (Las Vegas) 16. Boreas - And Seek (Tucson) 17. The Furnace - Hurt Locker(Phoenix) 18. Corporal Limits - 17 Years (Phoenix) 19. Dead Wildlife - In This Room (Phoenix) 20. Three-Legged Dog - I Could Be Wrong (Phoenix)

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