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You Me and Apollo at The Rogue

Power Hour. It's a time-honored tradition that 20-year-old kids across the country look forward to with eagerness as they push the limits of blood-alcohol levels.

In Tempe and Phoenix, most people target Mill Avenue as their destination for drunken debauchery, but when Tucson-based pianist/vocalist Steff Koeppen comes to town Saturday night, she'll be staying on the north side of Rural and the 202.

Koeppen and her band, Steff Koeppen & The Articles will be opening for former Phoenician You Me and Apollo on September 17, at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, but when the clock strikes midnight, she'll be celebrating her 21st birthday with the rest of you heathens.

Brent Cowles, who is the man behind YMaA, is kicking off his tour with support of a full band and a little help from his friends, The Muddy Moneys and Dylan Pratt.

Interestingly, The Muddy Moneys are double booked that night. They'll be playing the Trunk Space at 7 p.m. and are scheduled to play Rogue at 10.

The show starts at 9, and is for the 21 and over crowd. There's a $5 cover so make sure you bring enough cash for the door and to buy Steff a shot.

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