You Me and Apollo: "Coming Home In A Coffin"

Brent Cowles, otherwise known as indie rocker, You Me and Apollo, spent 2010 as a Phoenix resident, cultivating his place in the music community before moving back to Fort Collins, Colorado. Earlier this month, he released Cards with Cheats, a 13 song album available online and has a release party scheduled at Modified Arts on Saturday, August 20. Like many musicians he draws inspiration from experiences big and small that have affected him in his life.

Negativity tends to lend a helpful hand in his writing process. "It's really hard for me to write a happy song because it just comes out cheesy," he says. "It doesn't feel heartfelt."

"Coming Home In A Coffin" is a heartfelt song that chronicles a turbulent time for the crooner while he struggled to find his footing in Arizona. You can sample the track and hear what he has to say about it after the jump.

Brent Cowles: "Basically it talks about my time in Arizona. During that time, I met some amazing people and made some great relationships, but it was also a really rough part of my life. I wasn't making very much money and started spending money inappropriately. Self-consciously, I knew I was digging myself a grave. I felt like I was going down and the next time I would be home would be once I hit bottom."

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