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Young Buck

Ever since 50 Cent's G-Unit mixtape crew earned mainstream recognition with 2003's platinum-selling Beg for Mercy, members of the group have worked hard to escape Fiddy's hulking shadow and establish themselves as independent artists. While Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo have certainly capitalized on G-Unit's success, neither has managed to generate or sustain a buzz of his own like fellow crew member Young Buck. Widely regarded as the cream of the G-Unit crop, the Tennessee MC has used his aggressive lyrics and gruff, energetic delivery to elevate himself above rappers within his own clique and top many others in the genre as well. Building his autonomy with more than just record sales, Buck is hitting the road this summer with "Throw Some D's" rhymer Rich Boy instead of teaming up with a more obvious choice from the G-Unit Records roster. The pair of up-and-coming Southern rappers will bring their aptly titled "Young and Rich Summer 2007 Tour" to town this Saturday, where Buck will continue to prove that despite his friends in high places, he alone controls his destiny.
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Daniel Raven