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Young Jeezy

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy was once seen as the last great Southern hope. He had the 'hood respect of T.I. and garnered the admiration of practically every drug dealer in North America with his rap sheet and lyrical references to his drug-dealing days. It's not that he's overly gangster or that his rhymes aren't crisp — he's plenty ghetto, sure — but his lyrics and wordplay are as tight as those of anyone in rap. And, well, the 'hood loves him. In the summertime, his music bangs out from block to block. He hasn't been nearly as visible lately as when he first blew up, but that doesn't mean the dude is dormant. His third release, The Recession, is scheduled for release in September. And though the Celebrity Theatre ain't exactly a titty bar, you can expect a fairly rowdy crowd for this one.
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Jonathan Cunningham