Music Industry

YouTube's Music Awards Reveal The Secret, Obvious Shame of Social Media

This is a really obvious, great idea, and I commend whoever came up with it: YouTube, the place where everybody listens to music by default, has announced the first-ever YouTube Music Awards, a 90-minute live stream scheduled for November 3.

There are some other cool ideas, too--they're going to be "[making] live music videos throughout the night," among other concessions to the viral video format.

But the bulk of their announcement is devoted to the famous people who are going to be in it, as announced by the famous guy who's going to host it. That's the big deal, here, because it's an explicit reminder of something that's usually just implicit: For all the hype about the Social part of Social Media and its democratizing effects on culture, when it comes time to monetize these websites always reach for the celebrities.

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Dan Moore