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Everyone's worst nightmare: Z-Trip is getting his mix on at the Clubhouse Music Venue, the floor is jumping like a fleshy lava lamp, and suddenly a representative of ASCAP weaves his way through the crowd, finds some Aerosmith vinyl in the just-played crate, and demands a check for $600. Ah, well, it could've been worse -- someone could've requested Bruce Hornsby on a single turntable without any of the needle-dropping allakhazam from Z. Forging his reputation as part of the Bombshelter DJs crew and cooking up quizzical turntable pairings of hip-hop and classic rock here in the Valley, Z-Trip signed with Hollywood Records last year, morphing into DJ/producer for his first album, Shifting Gears, guested by rapping royalty such as Public Enemy's Chuck D and, uh, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. If you miss this show, you can catch Z in Scratch: All the Way Live, the sequel to the turntable film Scratch, not to be confused with Scratch the Amazing Lottery Winning Chicken, whose wizardry at anything numerical knows no bounds, but quite frankly couldn't tell a turntable from a rotisserie.
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Serene Dominic
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