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It's been only a year since Z-Trip pulled a spin gig in his hometown, and over the past 12 months, the PHX native has been racking up frequent-flier miles like a motherfucker. The ultra-talented 34-year-old just returned from Australia, where he crisscrossed the continent with the Big Day Out festival. Before that, he rocked decks and blew minds with his scratch skills in Asia and New Zealand. Going back even further, Z-Trip co-hosted Obama fundraisers with Shepard Fairey, DJ'd at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and visited the troops in Kuwait. Just another globetrotting year in the life of Zach Sciacca, arguably one of the world's most gifted turntablists. Ain't familiar with his P-town roots? Here's the rewind: Starting out as a member of the influential Bombshelter DJs (along with the equally prodigious Emile and Radar) in the late '90s, Sciacca went from thrilling hundreds at the old Freedom in Tempe to approximately 500,000 in Toronto, where he opened for The Rolling Stones. After departing the Valley in 2002, he helped popularize the mash-up genre, collaborated with Chuck D., and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show. The cat's still got a significant fan base here, many of whom will undoubtedly turn out when he works the wax alongside Benjamin Cutswell, Senbad, and the other residents of Hump Day weekly Pinky Ring.
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