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Z-Trip To Star in Upcoming DJ Hero Video Game

We've got some stellar news for anyone who's a fan of local-DJ-made-good Zach Sciacca (a.k.a. Z-Trip): Thanks to the joystick Jedi at Activision and its developer FreeStyleGames, the 38-year-old superstar turntablist (and former Valley resident) will be a playable character in the upcoming DJ Hero video game, which is set for release in October. 

Read on for more info on the game and his involvement, as well as some footage of the game itself.

Just like its predecessor Guitar Hero permitted gamers to unleash hot riff like Jimmy Page or Kirk Hammett, DJ Hero will allow vidiots without a lick of turntablism talent to mix and scratch like Grandmaster Flash. (It even comes with a special turntable-like controller). Z-Trip's also contributing a trio of tracks to the game (as are the likes of DJ AM and DJ Shadow), and will be spinning at this week's E3 in L.A.

Maybe it's just us, but we find the concept of the game kinda amusing, considering the amount of backbiting and shit-talking about wanna-bes that goes on regularly in the DJ/dance music scene. In fact, we're predicting the title will have the same effect as Guitar Hero, in the sense that it might spawn numerous gamers who think they can land a set at Myst or Axis-Radius after mastering DJ Hero.

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