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Zack de la Rocha Makes PSA Opposing Arizona Immigration Law

The debate over a crazy Arizona law that would, essentially, make it a state law to violate federal immigration law (and thus empower state and local cops to enforce federal immigration law) is something the folks over at Valley Fever and Feathered Bastard can tell you a lot more about. Quick version: SB 1070 is a bad idea and it's basically state-sponsored racism.

So, yeah, Up On The Sun has nothing more to say about it than this: Is anyone a little annoyed by how Rage Against The Machine singer Jack de la Rocha starts pronouncing Arisssona at the end of this PSA? If you'd like to rally us all for a demonstration Sunday -- and it's true that such a demonstration is a great idea -- make you should pronounce the name of our state the way we do? Zach does it at the beginning, so he's obviously willing to pronounce the Z's sometimes. I don't go over to Loss An-ga-leece and pronounce it the way Sam Elliott does in The Big Lebowski if I want people there to listen to me.

Everyone in Arizzzona should hate this law, and it's easy to lose them with a deliberate mispronunciation of our state's name. Of course maybe I shouldn't bother to defend anything about this state, what with this debacle and the Birther Bill passed in a week. We're embarrassing ourselves right and left.

Mainly right, actually.

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