Zack de la Rocha, Mesa Strong Beer Festival and Myst's 5 Year Anniversary Over the Weekend

Zack de la Rocha Leads an Army Against Joe Arpaio's Racist Rule: My conservative estimate is that today 3,000 to 4,000 people braved 90 degree weather to march from Steele Indian School Park to the Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Courthouse in downtown Phoenix to protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio's immigration abuses...full story

See: Zack de la Rocha's speech and the parade route in multimedia.

Strong Beer Festival: If you didn't make it out to the Strong Beer Festival at the Mesa Amphitheater this weekend, shame on you. You missed out on a chance to meet some new friends, get embarrassingly drunk with some old ones and, lest we forget to mention the most important aspect, drink some delicious beer!...full story

See: Mesa Strong Beer Festival in photos.

Myst Nightclub 5 Year Anniversary: Myst ended February by celebrating their 5 years of dance-tastic existence compete with ice sculpting, a fashion show and lots of bass.

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