Zaireeka: Listening Party at Yucca Tap Room Tonight

We're pretty excited about The Flaming Lips at McDowell Mountain Music Festival this weekend. So excited, in fact, that we're having a little shindig tonight to pre-game for the show. It's our first tweetup (follow Phoenix New Times and me) but we're also promoting it here, in case you're not yet following New Times, which you definitely should be.

Here's the deal: We're playing The Flaming Lips' obscure and oddball 1997 album Zaireeka at 8 p.m. at Yucca Tap Room on the southwestern corner of Southern and Mill. Zaireeka is an eight-song album on four discs, all of which must be played at once to hear the whole song. Wayne Coyne made this record partly because he thought listening to records was becoming an anti-social activity, so we'd like to think he'd dig our little idea. Musically, it's the bridge between the goofball alt-rock of the "She Don't Use Jelly" era and the more orchestral Soft Bulletin, so if you're a Lips fans and have never heard the record, you should definitly plan to be there.

Oh, and we'll have some giveaway tickets to the festival this weekend.

Oh, and free Miller Lite and blunt wraps to celebrate 4-20.

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