Zero Zero Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Christmas can be stressful for some--just look at all of the fights that break out on Black Friday. The holiday shouldn't be ugly, it should be a time to celebrate with your closest friends and family.

Zero Zero doesn't have this problem, in fact, members of the electro-fuzz group look forward to the holiday every year.

"It's just a really chill, cozy kind of time around our place when everything looks and smells and sounds better," says singer/keyboardist Nicole Laurenne.

The band channeled their love of Christmas into a brand new original song, "I Know What I Want 4 Christmas." Give it a listen and find out more about it after the jump.

"I love the old classic vintage recordings of Christmas tunes. But I don't hear a lot of modern original songs that grab me. So I thought it was worth a try," says Laurenne. "Michael [Johnny Walker, guitarist and Nicole's husband] and I are big fans of Christmas together and we look forward to it all year. It's just a really chill, cozy kind of time around our place when everything looks and smells and sounds better."

The sense of staring out the window on the train is based off of Laurenne's past. "When I was in school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I would take the train home back to Chicago sometimes after my last final exam. That feeling of being on a train at night, looking out at the snow, knowing that you are done with the rat-race for a while and are going home to family and friends and food and music and parties...that's a very powerful feeling that I remember really well. I just really miss the snow this time of year. I miss wearing my moon boots and stomping through drifts, to get piles of Christmas cards coming in the mail...don't tell anyone I can be this sappy."

Zero Zero will bring the Christmas cheer to upcoming shows. The band plans on playing "I Know What I Want 4 Christmas" at its show on Sunday, December 16, at Rhythm Room. "If I can get Michael to wear a Santa hat on stage, I will consider this year's Christmas efforts to be a complete success. That, and finally nailing down both of our families' eggnog recipes on Christmas Eve."

Stream and purchase "I Know What I Want 4 Christmas" here.

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Melissa Fossum
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