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Ziggy Marley

Put away the ganja: Four-time Grammy winner Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley, is making his latest U.S. tour family-friendly. Touring in support of Family Time (released in May) and B Is for Bob (released in June), his two new kiddy-friendly discs, he brings an eight-piece band into Dodge Theatre. Yes, Marley was only 12 when his dad passed away in 1981, but he has still managed to continue his father's legacy over the years, creating inspiring reggae music with catchy hooks and good vibes. Marley recently told the Associated Press that the reason he decided to record a children's album was because he wanted to get a message across to people with open minds and who aren't set in their ways. "If I say my purpose is to make music that is going to make a change in the world or influence people, then who better to influence than children," he said. Marley's albums feature vocals from three generations of Marleys — his 3-year-old daughter, his mother, and his sister.
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Kelly Wilson