Zombie Ball Proves the 'Nix Knows How to Get Down

This Saturday marks the 2009 installment of Arizona's own Horns and Halos' Zombie Ball. Knowing what Horns and Halos is capable of, this Saturday will be an epic event, sure to bring out the most devoted zombie fans and other fans of fetish/adult oriented entertainment. It's remarkable to try and comprehend what Horns and Halos does for the Valley, but their presence is more than appreciated by those Arizonans who clamor for the kinkier side of life.

Those familiar with their famous Fetish Balls know that Horns and Halos brings out all the stops in providing their outstandingly unique form of entertainment. They damn well better, too, because you can't conceive an idea like the Zombie Ball and half-ass it. It has to be full-boar insanity, completely with a music lineup to satiate the undead masses and zombie make-up artists on site. Even if you are lacking in the resources to do yourself up for the ball, Horns and Halos has you covered -- what's not to love about that?

I love the fact that the Ball is taking place at the Venue of Scottsdale, within walking distance of some of Scottsdale beloved watering holes/flypaper for douches, asshats and pilefaces alike. I would hope once the Zombie Ball is over that it spills onto nearby Craftsman Ct. and Stetson Drive, avenues that are both littered with more "traditional" Scottsdale bars sure to be stocked with various regulars of the club scene. I think that dream may not come true, but I can only hope and wonder that it might, since the Zombie Ball is so tantalizingly close to the heart of Scottsdale.

Once all hell is unleashed on Saturday night, Horns and Halos will sure to have another bookmark event for their already long list of successes. The music lineup looks absolutely befitting for the event, including Phoenix's own E Bomb, a band that kind of scares the shit out of me. Furthermore, what zombie-themed shindig would be complete without a German band that plays spooky synth-pop while rocking an aviation theme? Horns and Halos recognizes this fact and has also booked Funker Vogt to fufill this requirement, putting everyone's (including mine) mind at ease.

If I wasn't such a fucking wuss and could do my own zombie makeup, I would make my way to the Venue of Scottsdale Saturday night to check out the scene. One has to imagine that the people watching will be in fine form. It would also be nice to see fans of zombies and "alternative" lifestyles congregating and enjoying themselves. Ren Fair it is not, but the Zombie Ball is sure to be one event that won't be dying off anytime soon. Well, maybe it will die, but then it will come back to life to feed on other event's brains.

The 2009 Zombie Ball is this Saturday, April 11th, at the Venue of Scottsdale. The party will start promptly at 8 PM. Tickets are $15 presale/$20 at the door.

Check out the event details here.

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Michael Lopez