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ZZ Top

Yes, it's been too long since ZZ Top has made a song half as brilliant as "La Grange" or "Tube Snake Boogie." But if classic rock has taught us anything, and we both know it has, it's that it doesn't matter if an old band's new stuff isn't fit to share a joint (much less a catalog) with the old records everyone knows are the shit. They just have to focus on the old stuff, maybe throw a couple of new things in to act all relevant, and everybody's glad they didn't just stay home and crank Fandango all night without paying for parking, nachos or that buzz that's so much cheaper when you grab it from your fridge. And ZZ Top's classics have held up amazingly well these past few decades. Have you dusted off Tres Hombres lately? It's a blooze-rock Mona Lisa, Sgt. Pepper stuck in Texas with a bad-ass goofy beard and not a sitar or an orchestra in sight, a watershed in back-to-basics rock 'n' roll because it feels good. And Fandango's just as good. So is Deguello. "Cheap Sunglasses?" That's why you should go see ZZ Top.
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Ed Masley