10 Cities Where Summer Is More Miserable Than Phoenix

We're at that point of the year where some people won't stop complaining about the heat until October.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of places where the summer season is much more miserable than it is in Phoenix. Check out 10 prime examples:

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10.) Buffalo, New York

In the month of June, every single day was cloudy in Buffalo, according to the Weather Channel.

9.) Death Valley, California

It's not exactly an urban area, but it holds the record for hottest temperature ever recorded.

8.) McMurdo, Antarctica

Sure, this is a cheap one, but won't anyone think of those poor scientists?! The forecast says tomorrow's high temperature will be negative 22 degrees.

7.) San Francisco

If the average temperature during summer is 61 degrees, is it really summer?

6.) Tie: Lake Havasu City and Yuma

Remember, no matter how hot it gets in Phoenix, it's almost always hotter in these two places.

5.) Minot, North Dakota

How do temperatures in the mid-40s sound for a July evening?

4.) Houston

Think Phoenix, with humidity.

3.) Miami

Here's another place with a horrible heat-humidity combination, plus rain -- all the time.

2.) Barrow, Alaska

Make sure you catch the sunset! Next one's at 2:08 a.m. on July 31. (The last one was on May 9.)

1.) Doha, Qatar

Sure, Phoenix's heat can suck. Phoenix and Doha tend to have similar temperature ranges, but Doha tends to be much more humid. Plus, if you're in Doha during summer, odds are strong that you're a migrant worker. About a dozen migrant workers reportedly have died per week, and that's only on projects related to Qatar hosting the World Cup in 2022. Summer over here seems a bit nicer.

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