10 Douchiest Arizonans in 2014: Readers' Choice Awards

Not everyone agreed with New Times' list last week of the 10 douchiest Arizonans in 2014.

Now, we'll give the readers their say, with a list of the 10 douchiest Arizonans in 2014, based on New Times reader feedback:

10.) New Times commenter "RobertGraham29"

Well, you're not supposed to feed the trolls, but the guy -- a Joe Arpaio apologist -- nominated himself. "You seem to have left me out," he writes. "You must not think I am that much of a douche bag after all but I shall make your 2015 list especially after you learn what I'll be doing this year."

9.) Phoenix police union president Joe Clure

From "joedixon": "My vote for the duchiest would be PLEA president Joe Clure, who never met a police brutality case in which he didn't feel the cop did the right thing. No matter how egregious, this clown thinks the cop was right . . . Plus, he ran off a good man in Chief Dan Garcia, and Mayor Greg Stanton let him get away with it."

8.) Doug Ducey

Despite just getting into office, several people nominated the new Gov'. From Michael Lawson: "A worthy list indeed! When do we add Governor Doug?"

7.) Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Several people are still very upset with Montgomery over his office's handling of the Green Acre dog case, in which many charges were dropped, perhaps due to misleading testimony to the grand jury. 6.) People Who Get "Informed" by Right-Wing "News" Websites

"I nominate anyone who gets their news from sites with Liberty or Patriot in the title," says Brenda German. But Obama's trying to steal our guns!

5.) Cathi Herrod

The main force behind SB 1062. "What? Cathi Herrod didn't make the list?!" says Susan Bovee. 4.) John McCain

"[W]ar monger John McSame," says Richard Dickson.

3.) Tom Horne

"You forgot my Daddy Tom Horne," says "fishinblues." Well, our staff writer Ray Stern says that one was "too obvious." The readers have the say on this one. 2.) Jan Brewer

We included Brewer in the initial list, but people want to reinforce her spot on the list.

1.) Joe Arpaio

Some people seemed offended that Arpaio was only number-three on our list. "When Arpaio tripped and fell like a dumb Arse I bet he left large skid marks in his pink panties, perhaps even on the side walk," says DNichols. "Don't be sad Joe I think you were #1."

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