10 Grossest Photos of Joe Arpaio

For a guy who's obsessed with media attention, Sheriff Joe Arpaio sure ain't photogenic.

Indeed, as New Times has been covering Arpaio's deplorable brand of law enforcement over the past couple decades, there have been a lot of photos of the sheriff to come along with that. Check out 10 of the grossest photos we've seen:

10.) Woof

9.) Yikes, who's the guy on the right?

8.) During the "pull the plug" conversation

7.) Only guy not wearing a costume, but still the scariest

6.) This is awkward

5.) Gag

4.) The deceased look

3.) Probably matches the underwear

2.) Nice rack

1.) Notice the future New Times reader in the white shirt on the left, giving a middle finger to the clowns in the middle

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