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10 Offensive/Controversial Halloween Costumes for 2015

Halloween's a great time to relax your inhibitions and dress up as anything or anyone you want.

Or not.

Thanks to phone cameras and social media, wearing the wrong costume now is a potentially Google-able faux pas that may haunt you for many Octobers to come. On the other hand, maybe you are that person. In any case, here's a list of some of the most offensive, controversial, or just-plain-wrong costumes likely to be worn for this year's spooky season:

10. Little Amigo

Walmart reportedly had to pull this Little Amigo outfit this year after complaints. An adult version, marketed as "Tequila Shooter" for men and women, still is widely available. 

9. Cecil the Lion Killer

Anger both your animal-rights and physician friends with the Cecil the Lion Killer costume.

Arizona version: Wear an Arizona Game and Fish uniform and replace the African lion head with a stuffed jaguar head in memory of Macho B.

8. Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner/Bruce Jenner: Representatives of Spirit, the Halloween store, say they expect the Caitlyn Jenner costume to be one of their hottest sellers this year, despite its insensitivity toward transgender people.

Arizona version: Turn yourself into your version of Thomas Beatie, the famous transsexual from Phoenix whose pregnancy pictures drew worldwide attention. 

7. ISIS Fighter and Victim

 If you're slightly PC, you could leave off the doll.

Arizona version: Become the deceased shooter of the Garland, Texas, Muhammad-drawing contest, Nadir Soofi of Phoenix.

6. Sheriff Joe in Jail Stripes

This one's only offensive to right-wingers. With a little creativity, a lot of papier-mâché, and jail stripes, you're there.

5. Little Boy Princess

This picture isn't offensive, but it generated plenty of controversy this month . The dad of this Virginia 3-year-old told the media that he received mostly positive comments after his Facebook post was shared 28,000 times, but the picture brought out negative opinions, too — which he blocked from his site.

4. Open Heart Surgeon

A South Carolina mother of a child who's had multiple heart surgeries is leading an effort to rid the world of this costume.

3. Mass Shooter

This one is easy enough to do. Just purchase a red bowl-cut wig, get a jacket and some patches, and cop this attitude.

2. Baby Pot Leaf

Watch out: Child Protective Services may not think it's so "cute and edgy."

Arizona version: Add a cookie and logo to the Baby Pot Leaf from Sheila Polk's Marijuana Harmless, Think Again! campaign.

1. Ahmed the Clock Boy

Ahmed the Clock Boy reportedly been has pulled already from the online store

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