10 Reasons Donald Trump Is, Um, Cool...

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Donald Trump is killin' it in national polls. With that in mind, here are 10 reasons we think Donald Trump should be — brace yourself — president.

10. He'd go down in history as the prez with the most unflattering and memorable hair — George Washington's powdered wig might be a close second.9. He's not afraid to rumble with John McCain. 8. It's just, like, so refreshing to see a presidential candidate finally talk about how Americans need more jobs, and then tell us to trust him that he knows how to create them.

7. He's consistent. Or at least consistently [insert your own adjective here].

6. He'd put Sarah Palin in his administration, and come'on, who doesn't miss her?! (Trump-Palin O'16 does have a nice ring to it — just sayin'...)
5. He's handy with a hammer, and is gonna build us a damn good wall.

4. He's said he'll be BFFs with Vladamir Putin.
3. He's a really nice guy, apparently.

2. He'll be the spokesman for country's national interests, commander-in-chief of the entire U.S. military, wielder of the presidential veto, in charge of nominating Supreme Court justices, and a symbol of all that America (excuse me, Ammurikkah) stands for!
1. Duh, Freedom! 

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