10 Signs It's Christmastime in Phoenix

In case you're new to town and haven't noticed yet, the Christmas season in Phoenix looks a little different than it does in, say, New York or Chicago..

Here are 10 Phoenix Christmas traditions that are sure signs Santa's on his way:

10.) Everyone is buying and selling tamales by the pound.

9.) Canadian license plates.
When the snowbirds fly south, you know Christmas is just around the corner.

8.) Everyone actually wants to visit the Mormon Church.
Yes, the Mormon temple's Christmas lights display in Mesa actually makes people want to go near the place.

7.) People overreact to cool weather.
A sunny, 60-degree day doesn't exactly shout "Christmastime," but many Phoenix residents respond by wearing a full-blown ski jacket and gloves.

6.) A Stack of tumbleweeds gets lit up in the suburbs.
Of course, it's officially the Christmas season when the Chandler lights up a stack of crusty dead plants and calls it a Christmas tree.

5.) CityScape somehow keeps an outdoor ice rink running downtown.
Ah, the joys of modern technology.

4.) People watch the only Christmas movie set in Phoenix.

(Warning: NSFW language on the video clip.)

And that movie is called Bad Santa, starring Billy Bob Thornton. 

3.) There's a ban on using your fireplace or having an outdoor fire.
Not everyone has a fireplace in Phoenix, but those who do really want to use it during the holidays. But, noooooo! The county's environmental police put a ban on fires when people really want to have them. Damn it, this has become a Phoenix Christmas tradition!

2.) Cacti are dressed up as Santa.
There's no better Arizona Christmas tradition than this one.

1.) By looking at the place, it's hard to tell it's Christmastime.
Well, spoiler alert: There's no snow. It's going to get up to 70 degrees in Phoenix this week. And why ruin that perfectly beige subdivision with Christmas decorations (*cough, cough* Half the gated neighborhoods in North Scottsdale *cough*)? Feliz navidad!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.