10 Signs You Went to ASU

No matter when you went to Arizona State University, there are some things nearly all students have experienced.

Check out our 10 tell-tale signs that you went to ASU:

10.) You have consumed liquor out of a plastic jug

And some people continue to get their liquor out of a plastic jug, well into adulthood.

9.) You took a class on Elvis, the Beatles, American jazz, or another completely irrelevant topic

People use the phrase "underwater basket weaving" as a joke to mean an easy college course. ASU offers courses that sound infinitely easier than underwater basket weaving. 8.) A campus preacher told you you're going to Hell

We do cheer on a guy dressed up as a devil.

7.) You have frequented Mill Avenue drinking establishments (obviously)

This one's too obvious. 6.) You lost sweat by the liter just by walking to class

Thanks, Lot 59.

5.) There is a 100 percent chance you know someone who was ticketed for underage drinking

(And that person is probably you.) 4.) You have run around the campus in your underwear

If you've run around the campus in your underwear and you're not a student, you're probably a sex offender.

3.) You've been nearly cooked to death by the sun at Sun Devil Stadium

And it was worth it. 2.) You have proper form on your pitchfork

Sun Devil 101: Keeping your index finger and middle finger attached means something completely different.

1.) You hate the University of Arizona

At the very least, you just plain don't like it.

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