10 Signs You've Lived in Phoenix Longer Than Most

It's no secret that Arizona has one of the nation's highest levels of transplants, which means many people have short memories of Phoenix.

Below, find 10 signs that you've probably lived in Phoenix longer than most:

10.) Your sports gear is all very outdated

That includes a dark red Jake Plummer jersey, purple and turquoise Diamondbacks gear, and anything with the Coyotes kachina logo.

9.) You remember a time before the Light Rail

Or maybe you just survived what seemed like 100 years of Light Rail construction downtown. 8.) You remember when Arizonans elected a Democrat as governor

Napolitano left office just six years ago.

7.) Or maybe you remember when a governor was impeached

Way to go, Ev Mecham! 6.) You remember the "Phoenix Lights"

The time half of Phoenix thought aliens came for a UFO joyride across the city.

5.) You remember a time where you had to get to places without Loop 101 and Loop 202

Or at least part of them. 4.) You refer to events and venues that have long since been renamed

Bank One Ballpark, America West Arena, the FBR Open, and so on.

3.) You used to have a brown license plate

Bonus points for having the even older orange or yellow plates. 2.) You can remember a sheriff before Joe Arpaio

Tom Agnos was the last sheriff, who lost the election to Arpaio in 1992.

1.) You need to wear a sweater when it's less than 80 degrees outside

The tell-tale sign someone's lived in Phoenix for a considerable amount of time.

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