10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana
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10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana

Prohibitionists have been creating a mythology around the dreaded "marihuana" since the Harry Anslinger days.

But we've found that even knowledgeable cannabis connoisseurs may harbor some magical thinking about weed. Here's our take on the Top 10 myths:

10.) It doesn't hurt anyone

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10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana

Tell that to the little kids admitted to Children's Hospital Colorado last year because they ingested "edibles."

9.) It doesn't kill anyone

10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana

Sure, it's "114 times safer than drinking alcohol," according to a recently published study. But research points to the conclusion that pot, not unlike other drugs, is the likely trigger of a heart attack in a small percentage of the population.

8.) It's not addictive

10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana

With mild withdrawal symptoms, even longtime smokers find it easy to quit marijuana -- so easy they might do it once or twice a year.

7.) It can't really make people go nuts.

Levy Thamba
Levy Thamba

Levy Thamba, 19-year-old college student, went berserk and died last year in Denver after jumping off a fourth-floor hotel balcony following his ingestion of marijuana cookies. It doesn't look like a coincidence.

6.) It cures cancer

10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana
Ed Uthman via Flickr

If it did, why is there still cancer?

5.) Vaporizers work better

10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana

As long as you know the vaporizer isn't releasing metal or plastic contaminants when it heats up, and you know the oil being vaped wasn't made poorly. Even then, really?

4.) It doesn't stink

10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana

A barber in Greeley, Colorado, had to put up a sign asking customers to refrain from reeking of marijuana.

3.) Nobody can tell when you're high

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You're just tired. Uh-huh.

2.) It doesn't impair driving

Research shows that sometimes, it does.

1.) Legalization of recreational marijuana can pass in Arizona

10 Stoner Myths About Marijuana

Not when supporters can't decide on a draft initiative they like.

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