10 Ways Phoenix Weather Can Be Less Than Perfect

Phoenix is often thought of as a land of sunshine, but that's not always the case.

Although Phoenix has better weather than most American cities, here are the less-than-ideal weather conditions we deal with:

10.) Fog

If you were in town this weekend, then you found out we apparently get fog.

9.) Heat

In case you haven't figured this one out yet, it gets very warm here. 8.) Even more heat

Phoenix is actually hotter than it should be due to the "heat island effect." It turns out that running air conditioners actually makes the city hotter.

7.) Tornadoes

This doesn't happen often, but the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado in Mesa in May. 6.) Snow

Yes, every so often, it snows.

5.) Cold

Despite what out-of-towners think, it actually does get (relatively) cold here, and the low temperature will sometimes dip below freezing during winter nights. There have also been times when it's been warmer in Anchorage, Alaska, than it has been in Phoenix. 4.) Rain

As we found out this year, it can rain enough in Phoenix to cause widespread flooding -- enough to put cars underwater on the Interstate.

3.) Microbursts

According to the National Weather Service, "A microburst is a downdraft (sinking air) in a thunderstorm that is less than 2.5 miles in scale. Some microbursts can pose a threat to life and property, but all microbursts pose a significant threat to aviation. Although microbursts are not as widely recognized as tornadoes, they can cause comparable, and in some cases, worse damage than some tornadoes produce. In fact, wind speeds as high as 150 mph are possible in extreme microburst cases."

These hit the Phoenix area every so often. 2.) Dust storms

Good for photographers, not so great for drivers.

1.) Monsoons

Despite the image of Phoenix having great weather, we have an entire season dedicated to monsoons.

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