10 Ways to Beat Traffic Around Phoenix

Although traffic around Phoenix is pretty good compared to other big cities, it still sucks to be slowed down by congestion.

We have 10 tips for getting to work and getting home faster:

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10.) 51 Over 17

If you live in north Phoenix, between State Route 51 and Interstate 17, the choice should be obvious -- 51.

9.) 202 Over 60

Is there an accident on the U.S. 60 right now? Probably. If you're making a trek to the East Valley, you should find out if Loop 202 is quicker for you.

8.) Frontage Roads

If a highway has turned into a parking lot or near-parking lot, you have an easy Plan B -- most of the highways have frontage roads.

7.) West Valley: Surface Streets

Highway choices aren't as plentiful in the West Valley, but one unscientific survey of traffic times shows that people had a lot of luck with surface streets, getting to Phoenix from the west side.

6.) Follow ADOT on Twitter

If you drive in traffic-heavy times, here's a reason to get on Twitter. The ADOT Twitter account has constant updates of closures and crashes.

5.) Beat the Mini Stack

The Mini Stack -- the interchange of Interstate 10, Loop 202, and State Route 51 -- can be the worst location for traffic in Phoenix. There's one way in and out of it that seems to clearly be the best (although it's only for East Valley-ers).

If you're trying to get downtown from the 51, keep going onto I-10 East, and take the Jefferson/Washington Street exit. If you're coming from the 202, take the same exit, by taking the ramp for the 10 and 51, but keeping left onto I-10 east, and taking the first exit. It dumps you off at 20th Street and Washington, making this an especially good choice for visits to Chase Field or U.S. Airways Center, in addition to the rest of downtown.

4.) Phoenix to Tempe: Hit the Airport

Admittedly, this sounds stupid, but I'm not the only one who's found that this works --instead of taking I-10 from Phoenix to Tempe, drive through the airport, which takes you to State Route 143 (or Loop 202). With the width of Sky Harbor Boulevard, you should be able to get through the airport unimpeded by traffic at the terminals.

3.) Carpool

You've seen the HOV lanes while you're sitting in the rest of the lanes of traffic. This one's no secret.

2.) Work From Home


1.) Check the Highway Cameras

Before you take a highway, check the cameras, here, so you can avoid driving right into ridiculous traffic.

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