10 Ways to Tell It's Fall in Phoenix

Since Phoenix is in a desert, it's a little difficult to tell that Fall arrived last week.

Given this difficulty, we have compiled the 10 tell-tale signs that it's Fall in Phoenix:

10.) It says so on the calendar

If it doesn't, you need a better calendar.

9.) Every strip mall in the Valley has a temrporary Halloween store

Also known as a soon-to-be-Christmas store.

8.) You're starting to spot license plates from Illinois, Minnesota, and various Canadian provinces

And their wonderful driving habits.

7.) People have taken their sweatshirts out of the closet in case it dips below 85 degrees

False alarm, that was just the air conditioning!

6.) Kids are back in school

If you have children, we hope you noticed this.

5.) You hear from people "back east" who claim to be witnessing actual effects of the Fall season, such as wind, or leaves changing color

What exactly is a scarf, anyway?

4.) Everything, including dog treats, is pumpkin-flavored

What about pumpkin spice toothpaste?

3.) The leaves on the cacti are changing color. Wait a second . . .

Nope. Cacti don't care about fall.

2.) The daily high temperature is only 99 degrees

Does 99 degrees even qualify as hot though?

1.) You really can't tell

Seasons are for wimps.

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