10 Worst High School Mascots in Arizona

At some Arizona high schools, the powers that be decided not to choose some tired old mascot like the Bears or Eagles.

Instead, some high schools decided to branch out and pick something different, and years later, they've landed on New Times' list of the 10 worst high school mascots in Arizona.

10.) St. Johns Redskins

It's not exactly the most popular nickname at the moment. If you ever need to visit St. Johns High School, you can find it on Redskin Drive.

9.) Yuma Catholic Shamrocks

Listen, we get the connection, with St. Patrick and the shamrock and whatnot, but at the end of the day, the mascot is a little helpless plant.

8.) Page Sand Devils

Sure, it's not like "Sun Devils" makes any more sense than "Sand Devils," but the sand devil is actually the name of a type of shark, although the high school uses its own imagination of what a sand devil is.

7.) Miami Vandals

Well, it's better than the Miami Juvenile Delinquents. That logo seems to depict a viking, anyway.

6.) Gila Bend Gila Monsters

Too easy.

5.) Florence Gophers

This is more traditional, but rodents just don't make good mascots.

4.) Duncan Wildkats

What the hell is a kat?

3.) Cesar Chavez Champions

Oh, of course -- a "champion" is a flying purple horse.

2.) Bagdad Sultans

What is a sultan, anyway?


1.) Yuma Criminals

Yeah, Yuma Rapists and Murderers does sound a little tacky.

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