1480 KPHX's Jeff Farias, coward; Kent Knudson, convicted felon.

Scaredy-cat radio jock Jeff Farias: Whoa, Jeff, is that 40-weight in your hair, or what?

Kent Knudson was on Jeff Farias' 1480 KPHX show "The Truth to Power Hour" today to talk about the 9/11 Accountability Conference, and when it became obvious that Farias was just gonna kiss Knudson's gnarly ass, I decided to call in and point out that Holocaust denier Eric Williams, author of The Puzzle of Auschwitz, was until a few weeks ago the head of the conference. Farias, who's going to be at the kook convention next week, cut me off as I was just getting into it with Knudson.

In the brief time I was able to engage Knudson, he denied on-air that Williams had ever been the conference director, even though I have printouts and screen saves from his org's Web site showing that Williams was the head of the conference at one time and that the website was registered in Williams' name. ScrewLooseChange also has these screen saves and you can view them at the February 2 post to that blog, which reveals that Williams was having checks for the conference sent to his Ohio address. These should prove conclusively that convicted felon Kent "Cow Killer" Knudson is completely full of shit.

After they cut me off, I tried calling them back a few times, but they kept hanging up on me like the pusillanimous pinheads that they are. A producer named Shawn, who sounds like he's got marbles in his mouth (and his brain), told me, "Hey, you know what? Get fucked, pal." When I called him back again, he told me, "You're pushin' the wrong button, pal." Like, what, the dillweed wants to try to beat me up because I wanna talk to him? Hello! You run a call-in show, you moron! All I've got to say to Shawnie-boy is: Take your best shot, Oswald. I can handle myself.

Farias was too big of a weenie to talk to me directly, instead he called me a "jackass" on air, and insisted he's not afraid of me. Uh, Jeff, if you're not scared, why did you cut me off? Why didn't you allow anyone else on the air to challenge the POV of your guests? Moreover, why did you never mention the controversy surrounding Eric Williams, and all of the people who have dropped out of the conference after Williams was exposed: Alex Jones, Dylan Avery, Alessandra Soler Meetze, Charles Goyette? Could it be because you'll be a part of the event as well and are therefore compromised? The 9/11 troofers are always talking about the 9/11 Commission being a whitewash, but here troofers like Knudson and Farias are engaging in a cover-up themselves, of sorts.

The tag-line for Farias' show is, "Where lies come to die." May I suggest another? "Where lies bloom like roses..."

Finally, 1480 KPHX has been running deceptive ads for the conference. I heard one today on Farias' show which claimed that Alex Jones would be present and that there would be "dialogue with debunkers." What debunkers? Is Knudson going to produce a sock monkey to be the conference's straw man? (I wouldn't put it past him.) And Jones has been out of the conference almost a week now. That ad is more than misleading. But of course, Knudson, et al. have no choice but to run ads like these. Otherwise, who's gonna pay $129 to go to this joke of a convention? ScrewLooseChange's Pat Curley has a post up right now that features some bitching from one prospective conference-goer. Check this quote from some cat named "Alfons":

Bad news, I won't be at the 9/11 Accountability: Strategies and Solutions Conference. Kent is refusing to send me an airline ticket. Eric Williams had called me and promised to pay all expenses, including transportation. Then Eric stepped down as co-chair of the conference due to protest about him being a holocaust denier. When I called Kent he acted very strange, told me I would have to share a room with 10 people, made it pretty clear that he did not want me at the conference. Said if he sent me a ticket I could just cash it in, and not come to the conference. Kent told me I would have to raise the money for a plane ticket, and then he would reimburse me for it. I would need about $600.00 to get down there, and then I would run the risk of not being reimbursed. Because of the way Kent behaved on the phone I don't trust him, he was gruff and rude, and now has not returned my calls, or emails.

I have been able to get $400.00 in pledges, but I really don't think I should have to pay for anything.


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