36 Taken Into Custody at Suspected Drop House, and Other Drop House Tips

It's drop house season.

Federal agents and local law enforcement took 36 suspected undocumented immigrants into custody after serving a search warrant Wednesday on what they believe is a drop house. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Arizona DPS, and the Phoenix PD served the warrant on a house in the 2500 block of W Northview Avenue, ICE spokeswoman Amber Cargile says.  

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There probably will be more drop house raids to come in the following months, seeing as DPS spokesman Bart Graves says this has historically been the department's busy season. 

Some things to keep in mind, thanks to DPS:

"Often, the immigrants are being held against their will and have been misled by the coyotes. Treatment of immigrants is generally very poor which may include food, water and medicine being withheld to the point of death. In addition, any children and infants are generally lacking the basics such as baby formula or appropriate food."
And, you might be a drop house if you have. . .

-Security bars on windows or windows fortified in some manner
-Shed or other dwellings in rear of house with excessive activity
-Blankets or sheets, over or under the blinds
-Excessive trash in the back or front yards
-Large quantities of discarded empty ramen noodles, egg or other bulk food packaging
-No activity until late at night with numerous people coming and going from the house
-Vehicles that are stripped down that enter and exit from a back yard or through RV gates
-Suspicious persons that appear to stand guard or be on breaks outside

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Weston Phippen
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