8 Ways You Know It's December in Phoenix

Sure the calendar might say it's December, but as everyone in Phoenix knows, that's not the best indication of the season.

The 12th month is a funny time — one day the temperature's in the 90s, and the next, the high is 65 degrees.

Because the Christmas music has been playing incessantly since Halloween, you'd be forgiven for not knowing it's December, except we made you this helpful list of the real ways you know it's arrived:

8. People have taken their sweaters out of the closet in case it dips below 85 degrees.

7. There are license plates from Illinois, Minnesota, and various Canadian provinces everywhere. #Snowbirds

6. People begin decorating their cacti with Christmas tree lights.

5. Your neighbor is seeding for a winter lawn.

4. You turn on the seat warmers in your car while still blasting the air conditioning.

3. The swimming pool no longer feels like a hot tub. (Bonus: You actually want to go in the hot tub.)

2. People wear boots with their summer dresses.

1. Everything is gingerbread or pumpkin spice-flavored

...even things that shouldn't be:

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