Uh, sorry troofers, I don't look like the guy from Mass. This is me in da club gettin' smooched by a babe. Eat yer hearts out!

9/11 conspiracy nuts slander me online: An example of how they work...

This is what the Mass. sex offender looks like...

I've been noting a few blog comments come over the transom today accusing me of being a felon and a child molester. It seems there's some dood named "Stephen Lemons" in Clinton, MA who's a registered sex offender, and the 9/11 nutbars must've picked the story up by Googling my name. The story titled "Sword shop owner recently did 3 1/2 years for molesting 15-year-old boy," by Times & Courier editor Noah Bombard ran January 29, 2007. An exerpt follows:

CLINTON — A Level 3 sex offender who has come under fire for selling knives to middle schoolers out of his High Street business has a lengthy history with the law.

Clinton business owner Stephen Lemons argues his Level 3 status — reserved for sex offenders who are likely to re-offend — is all a mistake, the result of him placing his hands on a teenage boy in Florida who he says he caught molesting a girl in his store. But that’s not how the Pinella County Florida court system sees it.

The Times & Courier has learned Lemons moved to his native Clinton last year after serving just over three and a half years of a five-year prison sentence for molesting a 15-year-old boy in a flea market in Florida where Lemons reportedly rented space.

Above is a pic of me and and the, uh, sword-fondler. The resemblance is uncanny, don't you think? Of course, not only have I never been to Massachusetts, I personally prefer chicks at least 18 and above.

Below are a couple of troofer comments that they attempted to add to recent posts by me re: the Chandler 9/11 conference. I can only guess they got the falsehood from chat boards or something. I mean, my face is on the blog, and this Mass. guy looks like Bella Lugosi. Or maybe they're so pissed at me they don't care.

Here's the first,

Name: Tips | E-mail: Nicotips@yahoo.com Rumor has it that this guy was caught cavorting with young boys. The very idea that Mr. Lemon would act as a moral authority on ANYTHING when even the basic issue of child-porn and mollesting children is lost on this guy.

and the second,

CarD | E-mail: thacard5151@hotmail.com Who is the fat guy that wrote this article? It’s funny, I know of every single person he is speaking of but I never heard of the fat guy who wrote the actual article! Even Fetzer owned him in the video of the conference. I’ve also heard this fat guy is a felon. That would make everyone at the Phoenix New Times (whatever that is) a felon too, right? And everyone who ever associates with him.

An e-mail to The CarD bounced back to me, so we know he's a coward. An e-mail to Nicotips is still in cyberspace, but I won't hold my breath for a response. Say what you want to about me, but I put myself out there. Christ, I couldn't rob a liquor store and get away with it.

Googling my name, there's also a Dr. Stephen Lemons who works at some VA hospital somewhere. I wonder if he gets angry calls from troofers about my articles.

Ultimately, I think this reveals something about how 9/11 troofers operate. The world for them is like a giant game of "telephone." One rumor leads to another, and even if the original story's totally bogus, it ends up being taken as fact. Like the lie that 6 out of the 19 highjackers are supposedly alive and well in Europe or the Middle East. That too began as a case of mistaken identity and identical names.

I'm waiting for one of them to accuse me of being the Zodiac killer. Ai-yi-yi..

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