9/11 loons descend on the Arizona Capitol; wacko state Senator Karen Johnson addresses troofer troops from the floor.

I'm on deadline all day Tuesday, and so, alas, will likely miss the following. Wish I could be there to report on the tsunami of insanity that will deluge the Arizona state Capitol as Blair "My kingdom for a hotdog!" Gadsby and a rabid horde troofer tards storm the Legislature to hear their moonbatty heroine state Senator Karen Johnson rant and spew about how 9/11 was an inside job and how Osama bin Laden's a psy-ops patsy crafted by Freemason-Bilderburg-CIA-New World Order spooks operating out of Area 51. Check out this troofer press release:

Arizona State Senate Floor Speech Tomorrow drew, 10 June 2008(created 9 June 2008)

Senator Johnson’s Floor Speech on Tuesday will be televised live on the internet. (Arizona residents can watch on Cox Digital Cable Television – Channel 123.) Anyone can watch it live on the internet. Click on the link below:


Click on “Live Proceedings” in the left-hand column.

When the TV screen comes up, click on “Floor & Hearing Room 109” in the Senate Column under the screen.

Note that Senator Johnson will be (1) introducing Blair and the local “Truthers,” who will be in the gallery and (2) making the Floor speech. These are two separate events and may be separated with other Floor action, so don’t be surprised if she introduces Blair and then they go into some other Senate business. Just wait for the speech.

The Floor session is tentatively scheduled for 11 a.m. Pacific time. (Don’t get confused about the time zones – Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time, so we’re on Pacific time right now – same as California.)

It would be great to fill the gallery! Most of the local people will know how to find the capitol. Here’s the address:

1700 W. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85007

Park in Westley Bolin Plaza (it’s a park) across the street from the capitol. As you walk toward the capitol with the copper dome, the Senate building is on the left and the House is on the right. Enter the Senate and go to the 3rd Floor to get into the gallery. The guards can direct you. No picket signs allowed inside. Any attire is acceptable (no dress code). No flash photography allowed … no cell phones turned on … no motion picture equipment in the gallery … no audio or video equipment … no food or drinks …. You can have your cell phones on vibrate.

What, no food or drinks? Gadsby may expire of hunger right on the premises! We can only hope, kemosabes. Otherwise, this bs may go on, and on, and on. If he's still alive once I'm off deadline, I plan to get a Carls Jr. burger and chow down sloppily in front of the dopey, community college instructor. If he's lucky, I'll let him sniff my fingers, dripping with the greese from the grilled beef.

Decades from now, when some poor sod has to write a college term paper about mass psychosis in 21st Century America, he may run across accounts of troofer activity in Sand Land, and wonder at the hunger artists, paranoid freaks, Holocaust deniers, Bush-haters, and neo-Nazi a-holes that comprise the local 9/11 troof movement and scratch his noggin. Just like we do now at the Salem witch trials or the McCarthy era or the belief that a bag o' leeches'll cure what ails ya. Mankind thinks it advances. But in spite of all of its technology, it's still mired in superstition, magical thinking, scapegoating and sheer lunacy, as the 9/11 troof cult conspires daily to reveal.

I'll watch the Johnson speech when I can online and rebut it. Unless the dynamic debunking duo of Pat Curley and James Bennett of Screw Loose Change beats me to it.

PS: In response to Todd, everyone knows I'm actually paid once a week in tins of SPAM by David Icke's Lizard People. Whenever I run out of SPAM, I eat Bildercheeseburgers at the local Freemason cafeteria until the Lizard People return...

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